The Phases of The Ideal Protein Plan Diet


Ideal Protein describes the steps of the diet as ‘Phases’. Phase 1 is your weight loss period, and is followed strictly until you reach your goal weight. During this time you eat an Ideal Protein (or alternative) product for breakfast, one for lunch with 2 cups of veggies, and a dinner that consists of 8 oz ‘real protein’ along with 2 cups of veggies. A 3rd Ideal Protein food product is to be consumed somewhere through the day as a snack – some dieters like it in the afternoon, others use it as a before bed snack. Lettuce is considered a freebie, and may be eaten as an extra whenever needed. Some clinics allow celery and/or cucumber to be considered a freebie as well, but this doesn’t seem to be consistently applied through all the clinics. Vegetables are categorized, with certain ones being unavailable during Phase 1 or allowed only occasionally. Dieters are also to consume at least 64 oz of water; 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil or grape seed extract oil, and some specific multi-vitamin, cal-mag, and potassium-calcium supplements.

Men are generally put on a plan that has an additional Ideal Protein packet added somewhere through the day; and it’s also generally indicated that an extra packet is fine during the early stages of the diet to combat hunger. It is a low calorie, low carb and low fat diet and it is essential to consume all of the food each day to prevent going into starvation mode and stalling weight loss. For some reason my coach started me on a 4 packet/day system, which I later learned was unusual for a woman. I have stuck to using 4 packs (or alternatives) per day, although it may have slowed my weight loss somewhat. I’m comfortable with this, and have felt great throughout the past months.

Click below to access a pdf that gives you a complete breakdown of the Phase 1 protocol

Phase 1 – Ideal Protein – rev eff 06-12-2012

Once at your goal weight, you substitute an additional source of “real” protein at lunch, rather than the former Ideal Protein ‘protein packet’ on phase 1.Click below to access a pdf that gives you a complete breakdown of the Phase 2 protocol 

Phase 2 – Ideal Protein

You now begin adding fruit and dairy. It is common to regain a few pounds during this phase as the glycogen returns to the body with the intake of more carbohydrates. Click below for additioinal information about Phase 3.

Phase 3 – Ideal Protein

Also known as Maintenance, Phase 4 helps you learn how to effectively balance carbohydrates with proteins and fats on a daily basis. Click below for additional information about Phase 4/Maintenance.

Phase 4 – Ideal Protein