Supplementation While On Ideal Protein

Dieters are asked to supplement with specific multi-vitamin, cal-mag, and potassium-calcium formulations recommended by their Ideal Protein Clinic while on The Ideal Protein Plan.  As explained by Michael P. Ciell, R.Ph., Clinic Director of Ideal Protein, “the three supplements that are required as part of the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method have been formulated specifically to ensure that the dieter receives the minimum daily recommended amounts of essential nutrients based on RDA guidelines for a typically healthy person age 19 to 50.

These supplements are given merely to make up any short coming the dieter may experience while temporarily omitting certain food groups (ie. fruits, dairy products, grains, root vegetables and legumes) from their daily meals while on the weight loss portions of the Ideal Protein Weight-loss Method”.

Dieters who chose to leave the supervision of the Ideal Protein Clinic and continue their dieting process through the use of alternative products might find it necessary to purchase their supplements from other sources. In order to help select suitable alternative supplements I recommend you review the Supplement_Overview-ip, which was prepared by Dr. Ciell.   It explains in greater detail the reasons for supplementing with multi-vitamins, cal-mag, and potassium-calcium and details the dosages of the formulations used.

Several Ideal Protein dieters who switched to the use of alternative products took the original containers of their supplements with them to their local Pharmacist or natural health supplement store, and requested advice on selecting a suitable substitute product.  I personally have been purchasing my cal-mag from a local health supplement store,  potassium supplements from my local Dr. Bernstein’s Health & Wellness Clinic, and a high quality multi-vitamin supplement from my local pharmacy.