Alternatives for Ideal Protein Soups

There are several Ideal Protein soup packets to chose from,  and if you chose to go the alternative product route there are some very good alternatives available.  Start by reviewing the nutritional label information of the Ideal Protein soup products, and choose alternative products that match these as closely as possible.  The nutritional values for the Ideal Protein soups are available at the Nutritional Fact Sheet.

I’ll use the Ideal Protein Mushroom Soup as an example. One packet of Ideal Protein protein soup has 90 calories; 18 g protein; 1g fat; 2g carbs; 1 g sugar;  1 g fiber; and 1015 mg of sodium.

Protidiet Chicken Protein Soup

One good alternative soup is Protidiet Chicken Protein soup.

Protidiet Chicken Protein Soup

This soup, as well as a few others are available through  and   The cost of the products varies from time to time depending on promotions, but they are sold in boxes which contain 7 individual packets and generally at a cost of around $10-13 + taxes per box.   If you live in Canada, you may have a Dr. Bernstein’s Diet & Health Clinic near you.  Their soups (and other products and supplements as well) are very appropriate for alternatives, and I’ve been able to purchase them both online or by a drop-in visit to my local clinic without being a member of their clinic.

WonderSlim and Bariwise also carry lines of Protein Diet Soups that are suitable alternatives.

Most Ideal Protein dieters at the forum have commented that the soups are improved by steaming or roasting some of the 2 cups of required lunch vegetables, and blending them with the soup, along with some spices.  This seems to also be true for most of the alternative soups I’ve found. While I haven’t found any of them totally unpalatable on their own, it does create a more tasty and full-bodied soup when you blend in some added veggies and spices. I’m thinking mostly of the cream varieties of soup here.  I’ve grown to particularly enjoy zucchini and red peppers blended into my tomato basil soup, with a healthy addition of curry and black pepper.

I’ve also been making my own protein powder + veggie based soups, and have enjoyed some very tasty soups as a result. I actually like my home-styled versions better as I can lower the sodium level!   If this idea interests you please see my recent post called ‘My Newest Obsession – Tasty, Home-made Veggie-Protein Soups!’